Complete Childcare

Montessori Minded, Play-Based and Completely Customizable Childcare solutions to fit you, your family, and your little ones.


What We Do

We provide direct attention to your child’s needs in the safety of their own home. We cover the child’s direct needs, and offer several additional services, such as tutoring or laundry.

We also offer training to sitters, parents, siblings, and the next door neighbor to help make sure every caregiver has every resource, giving your child every opportunity.

We create individualized plans for every family and every kid. We come prepared with unique games, materials, and activities to help your child grow to their absolute best.

Small, but Growing: Facts

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Why You’ll Love Us

We create materials and curricula specific to the needs of every child and every family. We encourage your child’s growth and learning through play, art, exploration and imagination.

  • Individualized
  • Age Appropriate
  • Exciting
  • Professional
  • Fun for Everyone!

It’s a big decision, we know. Find out more about us before you choose:

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